Why Should I Use WordPress?

Every blogger and web designer has the question “Why should I use WordPress?” in his mind some time or the other. In this debut article on WPHQ, I would like to explain the answers I have found myself for this question. Below are the main reasons that I believe have contributed for WordPress to become the most popular choice for bloggers and web designers.

  1. WordPress is Free & Open Source software
  2. WordPress is Actively Developed
  3. WordPress has many Themes & Plugins
  4. WordPress has Excellent Community Support

Let me explain each of these reasons in detail for you to understand what they actually mean.

WordPress is Free & Open Source software

By now you must already be knowing that WordPress is a free software. Anyone can simply download the software from the official website [http://wordpress.org/download/] and use it for his blog or website. The popular proverb “Quality never comes Cheap” is proved incorrect when it comes to WordPress. It is an excellent free software that is well designed to run simple to fairly large blogs, websites and portals. The other important thing about WordPress is that it is completely Open Source software. It means that anyone can modify the underlying code of WordPress to their needs and feel free to redistribute the software under the original license terms (GPL). Another noteworthy point about WordPress is that it has been implemented completely using industry standard web technologies PHP and MySQL that any web host offers by default.

WordPress is Actively Developed

It is important to research about the history of upgrade release and future roadmap of a software before starting to use it for a critical requirement like a blog or website.  WordPress has a pretty good release history and has a nice roadmap for its future as well [http://wordpress.org/about/roadmap/]. This factor guarantees the stability of the product and its future availability. On every page of official WordPress website there is a line saying CODE IS POETRY. It just makes me feel that the developers behind WordPress really take it seriously and enjoy the work they do.

WordPress has many Themes & Plugins

This is my most favorite reason to use WordPress. It has plenty of free themes and free plugins offered through their official website [http://wordpress.org/extend/]. There are many developers and users with technical abilities have contributed back to WordPress community in the form of free themes and plugins. I believe it is relatively easy to develop themes and plugins for WordPress compared to other similar software (like Joomla and Drupal ?). Apart from the quality free stuff, there are many premium themes and plugins available through commercial websites. So wouldn’t it be great to choose a platform that has thousands of free and premium extensions readily available?

WordPress has excellent Community Support

Without a good support for the product you buy, it is almost useless. What if you get a great product absolutely free of cost and the support for it is amazing? I hope you get the point here. WordPress has plenty of community support available at the official website [http://wordpress.org/support/]. More over there are lot of technical forums like StackOverflow and Digital Point that have dedicated sections for WordPress users. Apart from the forums there are numerous blogs (like WPHQ) that dedicatedly talk about WordPress and offer free help too.

The above four reasons have thoroughly convinced me to go with WordPress for my own blogs/websites. I think it helped you to understand why WordPress is so much popular and widely adopted by the blogging communities.

I am curious to know what made you use (or avoid) WordPress. Let me know via the comments below.

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